Why Not Hire An Agency Capable Of Omni-Channel Marketing

Why Not Hire An Agency Capable Of Omni-Channel Marketing
  • Date: October 15, 2019
  • Posted by: Mahesh Advertising & Designing

In 2003, a leading cool drink brand- Coca Cola launched a campaign: ‘Thanda Matlab CocaCola’, featuring Bollywood actor Aamir Khan. The advertising campaign was the brainchild of Prasoon Joshi, CEO of McCann World group, India.

‘Thanda matlab Coca Cola’

Our culture insists us to ask, “Kuch thanda lenge yea garam?” Whenever a guest visits our house. Thandha in Hindi means cool drinks. Similarly hawkers sell cold drinks, soda or chilled water by crying out “Thanda Thanda!”.

McCann Group smartly blended international drink with indigenous culture. The campaign established Coca Cola as a synonym to drinking anything cold. Even today Thanda can be replaced with Coca Cola.

While the Thandha matlab Coca cola ad was run on TV and was simultaneously displayed on Banners and Hoardings. The campaign was marketed on multiple channels, which made Thandha matlab Coca Cola a nationwide phenomenon

Back then, Multi-channel marketing was a thing. On the contrary, today there are new mediums of media, which connects audience and brands. The progression has led to a new marketing term: Omni-channel Marketing.

What is Omni-channel Marketing?

Omni-channel marketing seamlessly integrates the different communication channels that businesses use to communicate with customers.

We all know a person is not always browsing through Social media sites, rather he roams, strolls and gawks; the best time when he can be persuaded. Omni-channel Marketing allows to spread the media message on all mediums- online, offline. So, while a person roams, strolls and gawks he is bombarded with same media message persuading him to give the brand or product a try.

Why opt for Omni-channel Marketing?

1. High Customer Retention Attracting new customers is the main aim behind continuous marketing. But winning a customer’s loyalty should be the ulterior reason behind continuous marketing. Omni-channel marketing can help you manage customer relationships across all channels and influence their loyalty to your brand. For customers it’s nice to be distinguished and greeted in each channel they use.

2. Importance of All Channels According to a study, 67% of retail customers start shopping on one device and finish on another or complete their purchase in a physical store. Shoppers tend to use around 10 sources of information to make a purchasing decision. This motivates brands to take full advantage of all channels and look for more if the customers use them.

3. Interaction with customers According to Forbes, Google’s vice president of display advertising, Neil Mohan, once stated that over 90 percent of consumers start a task on one device and finish it off with another. For the marketer to practice a successful Omni-channel marketing, one just needs to listen and respond to consumer’s preferences. Nowadays, consumers use two or more devices when making a purchase. New channels create new touch points and new opportunities to engage with customers.

If you use multichannel sales now you’re definitely on track. If you want to ensure a successful future and interesting life for your business, think about switching to omni-channels; because in the end you can’t really put a price on customer satisfaction and streamlined efficiency.

While developing a campaign choose an Agency that offers you 360 media solutions.

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