Advantages Of Print Media In 2019

Advantages Of Print Media In 2019
  • Date: September 15, 2019
  • Posted by: Mahesh Advertising & Designing

Ever since digital media exploded into our homes, offices and lives it has long been speculated by the pundits of the advertising world that the days of print media are over and its on the way out. However, as we hit the middle of 2018, we find that these speculations couldn’t be more wrong. Print media is here to stay and how. For its advantages are still relevant to marketing plans and play a significant role in reaching targeted markets, communicating a message effectively and driving people to desired action. The advantages that print media has over digital media are many…

1. Due to its long history of being a part of our lives, readers trust print media more and its credibility is very often associated with that of the publication that carries the ad.

2. With the deluge of fake news and websites on the digital media, print ads in respectable publications are taken more seriously by the readers. More so, when people unplug from online media they invariably turn to print for entertainment and engagement.

3. Print ads evoke better focus and engagement from the readers, having a better comprehension and recall value driving customers to action as compared to online ads that appear on one of the multiple tabs open on the computer screen as the surfers browse.

4. Print ads tend to reach a more clearly defined target audience at the right time as you have better control over the placement of the ad in the desired editorial section of the desired publication reaching your target audiences at the desired time. While buying an online ad you may never be sure of these factors.

5. Print ads thus have more flexibility and options for advertisers as they may target specific geographic locations, chose the season and dates, consider budget while deciding the size of ad space, and working with human intelligence rather than relying on an online algorithm.

6. Print ads are still highly engaging as reading print disallows multitasking that people are prone to do while surfing online thus losing attention.

7. Print ads often drive people to search online. Studies have shown that 65% of readers typically take some form of action after viewing a newspaper print ad hence print ads are effective in driving people to action.

Hence an effective marketing campaign transpiring into a healthy ROI needs to be a judicious mix of deployment of traditional print media and non- traditional online media. For digital and print ads to work synergistic-ally, use of interactive features such as coupon codes within print ads, including Twitter and Instagram info or information guiding customers to your digital platforms, gathering online data to target your customers’ preferences, are some of the features that can bridge the gap between the print and digital divide and can be tapped to create a successful marketing campaign.

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