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“Everyone thinks of changing world, but no one thinks of changing himself”
- Leo Tolstoy
World along its continuous axis rotation, evolved after every decade. Hence, no time was ever constant. With ever-changing time, the human cognition developed, and every decade saw a differently-receptive audience.
Mahesh Advertising & Designing agency, fondly acknowledged as MAD has survived this ordeal, for 23 years and is continuing the stride in glory. Surviving for 23 years was not easy. But we changed mechanisms and strategies to become a chameleon, changing colors to suit the environment, not mean though !

Starting with two wheel and two mortal, today we are a giant family of 40. Growth was timely, where we created a battalion of specialized professionals to solve all media problems, making MAD an agency offering 360 degree media solution.With time we ventured into different mediums of media. Hence, Jugaad and Bombsquad were developed for TV, Radio and Digital Marketing. Quoting Shannon “Every romantic knows that love was never a noun; it is a verb.” As Shannon rightly said, we are die-heart romantic and deeply in love with Advertising.

Other Ventures


Jugaad Advertising is our broadcast-advertising venture, where we create clutter breaking content for Television and Radio.

Bombsquad Digital Solutions is our digital marketing venture, where we offer services on creating creative and feasible digital marketing plans.

Lala Foundation is our Philanthropic arm, where we focus to alleviate the pains and sorrows of the society, offering souvenir of Love.

Management Team


Mr. Manish Thakker
Managing Director

"If somebody can do it, I will definitely do it, If somebody cannot do it, I will definitely attempt it, but if I cannot do it, nobody can” is the message that our swashbuckling Chief Mr. Manish Thakker has for the world out there as he takes on one professional challenge after another. With a collective existence of nearly a half century and the MAD pedigree behind, the agency has reached great heights under him for the last 23 years. A graduate in Commerce with an undying passion for advertising , it didn't take him long to pick up the threads from where his father left, taking forward the MAD values of going beyond what other agencies can offer. Working with a single point agenda of client satisfaction in terms of pricing, service and regular media updates he has helped the MAD brand reach where it is today.

Mrs. Sakshi Aroskar
General Manager

Our General Manager looks upon the MAD family as her own as she enjoys working here. A Jill who believes in working hard and partying harder, there is never a dull moment for Sakshi as she aspires to use her skills and experience to take MAD to a higher level. A voracious reader, she takes the responsibilities and expectations that come with her position rather seriously and is driven MAD when she is unable to fulfil them for any reason, whatever.

Mr. Pravin Davande
Media Head

This grand veteran of MAD has spent thirteen years in the organization and is one of the oldest employee. He has been that quintessential bridge between the client and publication co-ordinating between the two. Passionate about cricket and Amrita Rao he has been through the thick and thins of the organization and is still rocking! A stickler for teamwork and deadlines, he gets raving MAD when they are surpassed and the consequences are faced.

Mrs. Shilpa Marathe
Billing Head

Considering herself privileged to be a part of a company that is growing fast, employee oriented and is well reputed in the market place, providing ample opportunities and a conducive work atmosphere, Shilpa is a rather willing Billing Head. However, multi-tasking in a tight timeline drives her nearly MAD. But she does not allow herself to be overwhelmed, devising a strategy to complete the work in a steady methodical manner. She reads books when she is not pursuing stringent deadlines.

Mr. Durga Prasad
Creative Head

When Durga Prasad joined MAD twelve years ago it was to him “MADness revealed”. Over the years he became “MADly attached” to the organization as he found that “MAD works!” While keeping calm and thinking, besides pursuing his favourite hobby of scratching his head. He has been following the simple thumb rule “The Boss & Client are always right!” However, he gets hopping MAD when good work gets rejected and bad work gets selected



About MAD

Mahesh Advertising and Designing is a leading INS Accredited Advertising Agency based in Mumbai. MAD, has been in the Media Industry for the past 23 years.
We offer a 360 Degree Media Solution For
all our clients, becoming a one stop destination to all your media problems.


301, Flying Colours, Dindayal Upadhyay Marg Nr. Mulund Check Naka Bus Stop, Above Platinum Hospital,
Mulund (W), Mumbai - 400 080.

Landline: 022-2591 2469 / 2568 2469 / 2562 2469

Mobile: +91 96190 26061

Email: mad@madindia.net

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