Print Media Post Covid

Print Media post covid - Survived, Surviving or Died
  • Date: March 24, 2021
  • Posted by: Mahesh Advertising & Designing

Print Media comprises various printed publications since it is a means of mass communication. Magazines, newspaper, books, circulars, journals and pamphlets are various forms of print media. Print Media is an excellent and vital part of marketing products and services, as it can help businesses to engage the right audiences and stretch out their reach to potential customers. For a long time now, newspapers, magazines and banners have been the most effective and most popular form of print media to explore the brand. Advertisers can use print media to target the aggregated market segment as it offers readership choices with a mix of content including food, sport, hobbies, fashion, health, current affairs and so much more. Audiences can be reached by making ads eye-catching, simple and elegant ads in any form of print media with well-defined demographics.

However, the Coronavirus pandemic has raised several questions on the existence of print media in India. The print media business has found itself on the thrones of a massive economic recession, if truth to told, print media revenue has almost stagnated. The lockdown has not only disrupted the entire distribution of newspaper, magazines and several other forms of print media but has also hampered revenue generation. The employees working in print media have been hit the hardest. Some print media houses have temporarily suspended the publication of newspaper and magazines or employees are also being laid off from their respective role.

The wind of change

With every crisis comes opportunity and that has certainly been the case for Print Media.

This pandemic has accelerated the transformation of India’s Print Media industry. Advertising spending in India is expected to increase 26% to ₹68,325 crore, This is the second report that has projected an upswing in ad spending. On Tuesday, Group M forecast a 23% expansion in both print media and total ad expenditure at ₹12,731 crore ₹80,123 crore, respectively. Print Media is still the second-largest advertising medium in India.

Since more companies are approaching online, the old has become new again and thus print media becomes the new trend. Newspaper, brochures, magazines and other types of printed materials are available in physical terms. These items can stay in homes or offices for several months or even years after being received.

Is print media a static medium? Think again. There are many various types of print media available, and various biggest players in print advertising are doing some stupendous things by integrating technology in the print media industry.

When numerous rumors were out there about print media dying, it was other hand flourishing. Therefore to conclude, print media not only survived the pandemic, it is the backbone for marketers to advertise and reach out to target audience. While a variety of non-physical marketing resources are handy for a single purpose, the benefits of print media extend beyond than most people believe.

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