First vs second wave of Covid-19 in India: Things we need to know!

First vs second wave of Covid-19 in India: Things we need to know!
  • Date: April 26, 2021
  • Posted by: Mahesh Advertising & Designing

In the second wave of COVID19 in 2021, the older population remains to be more unsafe and vulnerable, following by the increase in the number of younger people testing positive for COVID19. Approximately a few months after the peak of the first wave in Sept 2020, COVID19 cases in India once again started rising from the first week of March, raising an alarm towards the arrival of the second wave of the pandemic. Analyzing the first and the second wave of COVID19 that hit India in 2020 & 2021 individually, it has been witnessed that there is no major shift in the way different age groups have been affected by COVID19 in both waves. However, in the second, more than 70 per cent of patients were under 40 years old.

COVID19 Symptoms: First vs Second Wave.

Throughout the first wave, the patients with COVID19 were sick with a sore throat and dry cough. However, a higher proportion of asymptomatic individuals got admitted in the second wave and a higher proportion of admitted patients showed breathlessness in the second wave. Moreover, in the second wave, the oxygen requirement is higher than the first wave. And that's not all, patients were seen suffering from tiredness and dizziness and worst of all is, nobody was prepared for it

What causes a spike in coronavirus cases?

Human behavior is the major factor in this circumstance. The government including State & local including individual people differ in their response to the pandemic. Some follow COVID-19 precautions, such as maintaining social distance, hand-washing and mask-wearing. Others are simply thinking they are immortal and or probably too egoistic to follow measurement.

In some states, cities and towns, public places were closed or were functioning with restrictions, while others were operating normally. Some government and community leaders were encouraging or even making mask wearing mandate and physical distancing in public areas. Others say it is a matter of their own choice.

Increase Your Immunity!

As the COVID-19 spreads across nations, the world is grappling with the virus and stopping its spread. Scientists & Doctors also agreed that people with powerful immune systems are better decorated to handle the COVID19 virus. And thus, in these challenging moment, the strength of one’s immune system is of paramount importance.

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