Covid-19 impact: The shift from offline to online

Covid-19 impact: The shift from offline to online
  • Date: May 28, 2021
  • Posted by: Mahesh Advertising & Designing

As the Covid-19 pandemic swept the globe, just about all aspects of life right from the workplace to working out bounced online, and people moved to the digital world of apps to socialize, entertain, interact and learning, moreover, the way data is massively consumed in 2020.

Offline to online learning

However fundamentally it has affected the education sector considering teachers and students were not prepared and equipped at all for this new normal method. The Pandemic has changed the education sector, it has pushed optimization in learning methods. Schools and education institutions were forced to move online. Most schools or other institutions struggle with these since neither their teaching material addresses this nor have they had training on this. Numerous obstacles came in while moving offline to online learning:

1. How does one provide informal social interactions?

2. How to ensure student attention?

3. Even how to ensure active participation?

The positives of online learning.

While many believed that the unexpected and rapid move to online learning with no training, insufficient bandwidth, and little preparation will result in a deficient and poor learning experience that is unconducive to sustained growth. Although, others assumed that a new hybrid model of education will emerge, with remarkable benefits. One of the most immediate advantages is that every student can work through the self-directed online modules at their own pace, they can also review materials as many times as they like. Since in the classroom, participants are limited to what they can take in at the moment. However, in the online atmosphere, materials are made accessible long-term.

While some worry that the hasty nature of the transition online may have created a hindrance, others plan to make e-learning part of their ‘new normal’ after experiencing the benefits first-hand. With the way pandemic has accelerated innovative ways of learning and new ways of sharing knowledge, one thing is for sure, online education is growing and it is here to stay.

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